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Marketing information and educational courses on their own only yield an average of $50-$100 per sale. In the traditional marketplace this can create a substantial income with the right marketing approach and audience.

Marketing an entire store and business COMBINED with a ready made information product line with our highly leveraged pay out structure yields from $500-$50,000 per sale. AND the opportunity for you to receive "residual commissions" and profits from other business buyers.


The Alliance marketing associates have the unique opportunity to sell a complete, "turn key" Digital Business. This "ready made" business comes complete with your own, customizable web site / store front, done for you digital products and a proven marketing and sales system that is extremely easy to implement for immediate profits.

Each of The Alliance packages contain pre-made, digital educational products in the form of video and audio courses. Our products are focused around subjects that are "hot" and current for our type of buyers such as marketing, branding, sales, internet strategies, positioning in the marketplace, mindset, attitude, motivation and much much more are covered within the contents of these information rich courses.

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